• Elevators
    • Passenger elevators
      • Schindler 1000

        Our practical passenger elevator for low- to mid-rise residential buildings is simple to plan, fast to install, and economical to maintain.

      • Schindler 3000

        Our flexible passenger elevator solution that matches form with function. An all-around passenger elevator applicable to various building types and use cases.

      • Schindler 3300AP

        The Schindler 3300AP is a spacious and silent residential elevator solution, with silent and energy efficient operation.

      • Schindler 5000

        The Schindler 5000 passenger elevator integrates the latest technologies to deliver faster handling times for larger passenger volumes with optimum ride quality.

      • Schindler 5500

        Schindler 5500 is the modular passenger elevator that takes configurability to a new level.

      • Schindler 7000

        Meet the Schindler 7000, our passenger elevator for high-rise buildings that exceeds the demanding specifications for tall structures.

    • Freight & other elevators
      • Schindler 2600

        Need to move heavy loads quickly and reliably? The Schindler 2600 has the capability to meet your requirements.

    • Modernisation
      • Schindler 1000 Plus

        We've designed the Schindler 1000 Plus elevator to bring new levels of comfort, efficiency and style to the elevators in your residential building.

      • Schindler 3000 Plus

        Schindler 3000 Plus elevator is made to be flexible in every way and fits perfectly in your building tailored to multiple applications in any urban environment.

      • Schindler 5000 Plus

        Schindler 5000 Plus elevator combines high-rise performance with maximum flexibility to fit seamlessly in your building.

    • Destination control
      • PORT elevator

        PORT Technology provides passengers with the lowest possible times to their destinations with the best possible comfort.

      • myPORT

        myPORT provides users with a uniquely seamless, secure, and convenient access to and transition through their building.

      • PORT Access

        In order to ensure seamless transitions from one area to another a range of terminals to provide the functions known generically as PORT Access has been developed.

    • Digital Media Services
      • Schindler Ahead MediaScreen

        This in-car media solution for elevators provides relevant information to the riding public in real-time, with minimal effort and maximum attention.

    • CleanMobility
      • ElevateMe

        Our new Schindler ElevateMe mobile application gives elevator passengers the control to interact with elevators using their smartphones.

      • UV CleanCar

        Our Schindler UV CleanCar uses UV-C ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and viruses in elevators reducing the risk transmission between passengers.

      • UV CleanAir

        With Schindler UV CleanAir, lift cabins can sanitise and cycle their air more frequently and efficiently. That helps reduce the risk of infection.

      • CleanCall

        Our Schindler CleanCall lets passengers select their destination with a simple wave of the hand.

      • CleanCover

        Schindler CleanCover is an antibacterial protective film that covers the surfaces in an elevator that are often touched by passengers, such as the push button panel and the elevator walls.

      • CleanSpace

        With Schindler CleanSpace, you can adjust the maximum load capacity in elevators to keep cars from becoming overcrowded.

      • PORT Technology & myPORT

        Visitors navigate their way through buildings equipped with Schindler PORT and myPORT using only their phone or personal access card.

    • Packages
      • Easy access

        Provide enhanced accessibility for all your passengers with the Easy Access package.

      • Moving

        Preserve the value of your property & elevator and avoid costly repairs. With our Moving Package, you can protect your elevator and avoid damages caused by relocations.

      • Office

        Our Office Package for elevators aids in hassle-free and efficient vertical mobility solutions for office buildings – and maintaining them in top condition.

      • Penthouse

        Our Penthouse Package for Elevators adds a higher level of comfort and security giving tenants and their visitors direct access to the penthouse floor.

      • Precaution

        Our Precaution Package ensures safe exiting of passengers and increases a sense of security and comfort.

      • Residential

        Our Residential Package helps to make the elevators in your building a more welcoming space for your tenants.

      • Security

        Our security package enhances security and safety within a building.

  • Escalators & Moving walks
    • Escalators
      • Schindler 9300

        The Schindler 9300 escalator transforms any building into a modern space while making each journey from floor to floor safe, smooth, and comfortable.

      • Schindler 9700

        The Schindler 9700 escalator system provides mobility solutions for large public spaces with high-traffic demands such as airports, subways and railroad stations.

    • Moving walks
      • Schindler 9500AE inclined

        Developed with shopping malls in mind, the Schindler 9500AE inclined moving walk provides quiet and comfortable transportation from floor to floor.

      • Schindler 9500 horizontal

        Explore the Schindler 9500 horizontal moving walk, the ideal solution for saving time in long passageways.

    • Modernisation
      • Full replacement

        Upgrade your property by replacing your older equipment with new, cutting-edge Schindler 9300 or Schindler 9700 escalators or with Schindler 9500 moving walks.

      • InTruss

        The existing escalator/moving walk is extracted, keeping its truss in place. A new Schindler escalator or moving walk is assembled inside the existing truss.

      • Modernisation kits

        Schindler offers modernisation solutions in all areas: safety, energy consumption, and appearance, all designed to bring your escalators and moving walks up-to-date, quickly and easily.

    • CleanMobility
      • Ultra UV Pro

        Schindler Ultra UV Pro offers an advanced sanitisation solution for escalator and moving walk handrails, helping prevent the spread of viruses and providing safe travel for passengers.

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Rules for the improvement of safety of existing passengers and goods lifts

EN81-80 was developed to establish a methodology to specify at a national level, a procedure for improving the safety of existing lifts.

Lifts were installed to the safety level appropriate at time of installation. This level is often lower than today’s state of the art for safety.

This page categorises various hazards and hazardous situations, each of which has been analysed by a risk assessment.


No Hazard / Hazardous Situation Risk
No or limited accessibility for disabled persons   
No or inadequate vandal resistance
5 No or inadequate behaviour of the lift in the event of fire  
1 Presence of harmful material H
Inadequate locking devices on access, emergency, and inspection doors to well and pit H
No stopping of car when access, emergency, and inspection doors to well or pit are opened
Well enclosures with perforated walls
33  Well enclosures with perforated walls near door locks
Partially enclosed well with too low enclosures
Inadequate vertical surface below landing door sills
10  Counterweight/balancing weight without safety gear in case of accessible spaces below well
11  No or inadequate screen of counterweight /balancing weight in the pit
12  No or inadequate partition in the pit for lifts in a common well
13  No or inadequate partition between moving parts of lifts in a common well
14  Insufficient refuge spaces and clearances in headroom
14  Insufficient refuge spaces and clearances in pit
15  No or inadequate means to enter the pit
17  No or inadequate lighting of the well
16  No or inadequate stopping device in the pit
18  No alarm initiation devices in pit and on car roof
58  Excessive horizontal distance between the inner surface of the well and the sill, door frame of the car or closing edge of car sliding doors
59  Excessive horizontal distance between car door and landing door
  Machinery spaces and pulley rooms  
No or unsafe means of access to machinery spaces and pulley rooms H
23  Inadequate lighting in machinery spaces
16  No or inadequate stopping device(s) in the pulley room
24  Inadequate suspension points for handling of equipment in machinery spaces and top of the well
20  Slippery floor in machinery spaces or pulley rooms
21  Insufficient horizontal or vertical clearances in machinery spaces
22  No or inadequate protection on different levels and recessed in the machine room
72  No or inadequate intercom system between car and the location of the emergency operation
  Landing doors and car doors  
Perforate landing doors H        
25 Perforate car doors H
26 Inadequate strength of landing doors H
27 Inadequate glass in landing doors other than vision panels H
27 Inadequate glass in car doors other than vision panels H
27 Inadequate glass vision panels in landing doors H
27 Inadequate glass vision panels in car doors H
30b No or inadequate protective device (e.g. light curtain) for re-opening of power operated car and landing sliding doors H
30a No or inadequate protective device (150N) for reopening of power operated sliding doors H
28 No or inadequate means against dragging of children hands in horizontally sliding car doors or landing doors with class M
29 No or inadequate lighting on landings M
31 No safe locking device on landing door H
32 No special device (e.g. triangular key) for emergency unlocking of landing door H
34 No or inadequate locking of the landing door after opening for whatever reason when the car is outside the locking zone H
35 Inadequate link between multiple panels of landing doors (missing interlink or missing locking) M
36 Inadequate fire resistance of landing doors M
37 Car door moving with open (hinged) landing door M
40 Car without door(s) H
  Car, counterweight, and balancing weight  
Large car area in relation to rated load L
39 No car apron or inadequate length of car apron H
41 Unsafe locking of emergency trap door M
42 Insufficient strength of emergency trap door L
43 No or inadequate protection against falling from car roof H
44 Insufficient ventilation in car M
45 Inadequate lighting in car M
46 No or inadequate emergency lighting in car M
73 No or inadequate load control L
71 No or inadequate remote alarm system H
  Suspension means, compensation means, precautions against free fall, excessive overspeed, unintended car movement and creeping of the car  
No or inadequate protection against injury from traction sheaves, pulleys, or sprockets M
48 No or inadequate protection against rope/chain leaving the sheaves, pulleys, or sprockets M
49 No or inadequate protection against the introduction of objects between ropes/chains and sheaves, pulleys, or sprockets L
50, 54 No or inadequate protection against free fall or descent with excessive speed H
52 No or inadequate protection means against ascending car overspeed on traction drive lifts with counterweight M
53 No or inadequate protection means against unintended car movement with open doors H
54 No or inadequate protection against creeping on hydraulic lifts H
51 No or inadequate slack rope switch for governor rope M
63 No inadequate slack rope/chain detection device M
  Guide rails, buffers, and final limit switches  
Inadequate guidance system for counterweight or balancing weight L
56 No or inadequate buffers H
57 No or inadequate final limit switches M
  Lift machine  
No or inadequate emergency operation system H
62 No or inadequate means for stopping the machine and checking its stopped position H
64 No motor run time limiter L
61 No shut off valve (Hydraulic lifts) L
65 No or inadequate low cylinder pressure device on hydraulic lift M
  Electric installations and appliances  
Insufficient protection against electric shock (direct contact) H
66 Insufficient marking of connection terminal which remain live after switching off the main switch H
67 No or inadequate protection against overheating of lift machine motor L
68 No lockable main switch H
  Protection against electric faults, controls, priorities  
69 No protection against phase reversal L
3 Inadequate levelling and /or stopping accuracy H
70 No or inadequate inspection control station and stopping device on the car roof H
11 Notices, markings, and operating instructions  
74 Missing notices, markings, and operating instructions M

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