• Elevators
    • Passenger elevators
      • Schindler 1000

        Our practical passenger elevator for low- to mid-rise residential buildings is simple to plan, fast to install, and economical to maintain.

      • Schindler 3000

        Our flexible passenger elevator solution that matches form with function. An all-around passenger elevator applicable to various building types and use cases.

      • Schindler 5000

        The Schindler 5000 passenger elevator integrates the latest technologies to deliver faster handling times for larger passenger volumes with optimum ride quality.

      • Schindler 6000

        The Schindler 6000 is our premium commercial elevator that combines the latest technology, high-end finishes, larger capacities and custom designs.

      • Schindler 7000

        Meet the Schindler 7000, our passenger elevator for high-rise buildings that exceeds the demanding specifications for tall structures.

    • Freight & other elevators
      • Schindler 2600

        Need to move heavy loads quickly and reliably? The Schindler 2600 has the capability to meet your requirements.

    • Modernisation
      • Overview

        Explore our comprehensive elevator modernisation and building renovation solutions; engineered to enhance your elevator's performance and aesthetics.

      • ReStore solution

        Restore your elevator with our modernisation solution which replaces critical electrical components to upgrade the efficiency and performance of your equipment.

      • ReNew solution

        Renew your elevator with our modernisation solution including a new controller, inverter, fixtures, and machine upgrade to ensure a smoother ride experience.

      • RePlace solution

        Replace your existing elevator with our modernisation replacement solutions. Enjoy improved equipment operation, plus digitally enhanced mobility.

    • Destination control
      • PORT elevator

        PORT Technology provides passengers with the lowest possible times to their destinations with the best possible comfort.

      • myPORT

        myPORT provides users with a uniquely seamless, secure, and convenient access to and transition through their building.

      • PORT Access

        In order to ensure seamless transitions from one area to another a range of terminals to provide the functions known generically as PORT Access has been developed.

    • Digital Media Services
      • Schindler Ahead MediaScreen

        Our Schindler Ahead MediaScreen solution inside and outside the elevator cabin provides relevant information to your passengers in real-time.

    • CleanMobility
      • ElevateMe

        Our new Schindler ElevateMe mobile application gives elevator passengers the control to interact with elevators using their smartphones.

      • UV CleanCar

        Our Schindler UV CleanCar uses UV-C ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and viruses in elevators reducing the risk transmission between passengers.

      • UV CleanAir

        With Schindler UV CleanAir, lift cabins can sanitise and cycle their air more frequently and efficiently. That helps reduce the risk of infection.

      • CleanCall

        Our Schindler CleanCall lets passengers select their destination with a simple wave of the hand.

      • CleanCover

        Schindler CleanCover is an antibacterial protective film that covers the surfaces in an elevator that are often touched by passengers, such as the push button panel and the elevator walls.

      • CleanSpace

        With Schindler CleanSpace, you can adjust the maximum load capacity in elevators to keep cars from becoming overcrowded.

      • PORT Technology & myPORT

        Visitors navigate their way through buildings equipped with Schindler PORT and myPORT using only their phone or personal access card.

    • Packages
      • Easy access

        Provide enhanced accessibility for all your passengers with the Easy Access package.

      • Moving

        Preserve the value of your property & elevator and avoid costly repairs. With our Moving Package, you can protect your elevator and avoid damages caused by relocations.

      • Office

        Our Office Package for elevators aids in hassle-free and efficient vertical mobility solutions for office buildings – and maintaining them in top condition.

      • Penthouse

        Our Penthouse Package for Elevators adds a higher level of comfort and security giving tenants and their visitors direct access to the penthouse floor.

      • Precaution

        Our Precaution Package ensures safe exiting of passengers and increases a sense of security and comfort.

      • Residential

        Our Residential Package helps to make the elevators in your building a more welcoming space for your tenants.

      • Security

        Our security package enhances security and safety within a building.

  • Escalators & Moving walks
    • Escalators
      • Schindler 9300

        The Schindler 9300 escalator transforms any building into a modern space while making each journey from floor to floor safe, smooth, and comfortable.

      • Schindler 9700

        The Schindler 9700 escalator system provides mobility solutions for large public spaces with high-traffic demands such as airports, subways and railroad stations.

    • Moving walks
      • Schindler 9500AE inclined

        Developed with shopping malls in mind, the Schindler 9500AE inclined moving walk provides quiet and comfortable transportation from floor to floor.

      • Schindler 9500 horizontal

        Explore the Schindler 9500 horizontal moving walk, the ideal solution for saving time in long passageways.

    • Modernisation
      • Full replacement

        Upgrade your property by replacing your older equipment with new, cutting-edge Schindler 9300 or Schindler 9700 escalators or with Schindler 9500 moving walks.

      • InTruss

        The existing escalator/moving walk is extracted, keeping its truss in place. A new Schindler escalator or moving walk is assembled inside the existing truss.

      • Modernisation kits

        Schindler offers modernisation solutions in all areas: safety, energy consumption, and appearance, all designed to bring your escalators and moving walks up-to-date, quickly and easily.

    • CleanMobility
      • Ultra UV Pro

        Schindler Ultra UV Pro offers an advanced sanitisation solution for escalator and moving walk handrails, helping prevent the spread of viruses and providing safe travel for passengers.

  • Services
  • Careers
    • Overview
    • Who we are
      • People

        Learn about the people, traditions, and values that motivate us to tackle the urban mobility challenges of the 21st century.

      • Inclusion and diversity

        Our global presence gives us access to the full spectrum of human diversity – reinforcing our ability to adapt and innovate.

      • Society

        Help us transform the world. We’re looking for driven professionals ready to solve society’s most pressing urban mobility challenges.

      • Our values

        Our values are the foundation of everything we do, and allow us to remain a leading global player in the elevator and escalator industry.

      • Facts and figures

        Discover the facts behind what makes Schindler a great company to work for.

    • Why Schindler
      • Compensation and benefits

        Discover more about Schindler employee compensation packages and benefits – competitive salaries are just the start!

      • Work-life balance

        Finding the right balance between work and life can be tough. We make it easier through flexible modern policies designed to meet diverse needs.

      • Training

        The key to maintaining Schindler’s proud legacy is by making sure that all our people – at every level – remain trained and ready.

      • Career development program

        Discover how we take our most talented young professionals on an international and multidisciplinary 6-year journey to help their careers flourish.

      • International careers

        International assignments are a key part of how we develop our people. Grow your career internationally with Schindler.

      • Apprenticeship program

        Schindler Australia’s apprenticeship program has been running for over 30 years and we currently have over 70 apprentices.

      • We Elevate... Women

        The opportunities are endless. You might be looking for a better work-life balance. A more flexible working arrangement. Whatever you’re looking for, consider a career with Schindler.

    • Who we look for
      • Experienced professionals

        Whether you’re an elevator technician or an engineer, we need people with experience and skill. Seasoned professionals make our elevator service company great!

      • Students and graduates

        Explore the extensive possibilities for students and recent graduates at Schindler.

    • Open positions
    • Apprenticeship program
  • Segments
  • Innovations
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We Elevate... Women

The opportunities are endless. You might be looking for a better work-life balance. A more flexible working arrangement. A new challenge with a new commodity. Perhaps you want to achieve more by working with the best teams and technology in the world. Whatever you’re looking for, consider a career with Schindler.

Careers for Women

In our organisation:

  • Women currently make up 30% of senior executive roles
  • 24% of manager roles are held by women
  • Our female to male apprentice ratio is 30:70

We have committed to achieving our long-term targets to:

  • Increase the representation of women in non-standard salaried roles across the business to 50%
  • Increase the representation of women in manager roles to 50%
  • Increase the female to male apprentice intake ratio to 50:50

Furthermore, Schindler Lifts Australia supports several programs within our business to help foster an inclusive culture:

  • Inclusive Leadership program
  • Partnership with St Yon’s Technical Trade School
  • Women in Leadership program
  • Women’s Mentoring program
  • Courageous Careers Program
  • Paid 8 weeks of Parental Leave
  • Ongoing commitment to our Flexible Working Policy which includes job share, working from home, part time working hours post parental leave and many more!

Field Operations

We are serious about supporting women in trade, and strive to ensure a working environment that is free from discrimination, providing employees with equal opportunities to grow and develop in their careers.

Our apprenticeship program aims to take up to 50% women each year, encouraging a more gender diverse workplace. You don’t need experience to start a great career with Schindler. We have diverse intakes of apprentices and cadets across our sites. Find out about the experiences of women who have completed this program below.

Schindler values attitude and enthusiasm over gender and wasn’t scared to hire a woman. Apprentices at Schindler are seen as an important part of the company’s future and I would definitely recommend it as a career path to anyone who is interested.

Natasha Cupsa, Service Technician VIC

At times it can be quite challenging where I put extra pressure on myself by expecting to remember everything I'm told and shown. However, the people I work with are very supportive and always willing to help which has assisted in gaining invaluable insight to further develop my skills and knowledge.

Arabella Fazio, Apprentice NSW

Leadership & Office Functions

The opportunities for women are endless in our leadership and technical functions. Find out about some of the experiences of our current employees below.

Schindler Management Development Program

Once a year we have an intake of passionate and forward-thinking individuals who we invest in to become the next generation of Schindler Business Management Leaders.

To do this, we have launched our Schindler Management Development Program. This program has been developed to accelerate your career development through coaching and a bespoke individual 2 year rotational development plan to match your career goals. Through careful mentoring, we make sure you are elevated to your full potential.

Previous successful individuals who have completed this program have become Service Managers, State Managers, Project Managers, Construction Manager and Contract Managers, and this is also a platform that leads to our Executive Training Program.

Julia’s role is all about ensuring our engineering team provides tailored solutions to our customers within a specific timeframe and budget.

Schindler is a place of opportunities. With the right mindset and attitude, Schindler can help you to achieve your goals. My journey with Schindler started as a member of the Systems Implementation team, which was something completely out of my mechanical engineering skill set and therefore very much outside my comfort zone. From there, Schindler not only provided me with the opportunity to utilise my engineering skills, but understand the importance of investing in their people and this is why it is such a great place to work .

Julia Zwirko, Engineering Manager NSW

Working at Schindler has been a very different experience for me and I discover new things all the time. The openness of everyone has been noticeable especially being such a large corporation. My experience with previous large well known corporations was that it was very divided in a sense of your department stays with your department. Where as in Schindler everyone works together and mingles together as one.

Nicole Bresler, National Contracts Administration Team Leader

For Tania, no day is the same. It’s managing customer expectations, juggling the project delivery in various stages of installation and championing safe work practices.

I was involved in the Courageous Careers program last year and was encouraged to take more risks and further develop my networking skills and work-life balance. When it comes to encouraging women in leadership roles, have confidence in your ability to deliver and embrace the qualities that make you unique.

Tania Board, Project Engineer WA

Work-Life Balance is promised and delivered at Schindler. I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. I am trusted to produce high-quality work and results, with a flexible schedule as I have kids. I therefore work hard to maintain that level of trust.

Morri Farrugia, General Counsel & Compliance Officer

Diversity and inclusion programs

We strive to ensure a working environment that is free from discrimination and provides employees with equal opportunities to grow and develop in their careers. Learn more below.

Interested in working at Schindler? Visit our local Job Search page to see the latest opportunities available.